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12 23 2020

Hope for new funding opportunities to save this building.


Links to available art.  Proceeds go to fund restoration.






Snow on the Majestic 

I have been trying to raise the money to restore the Majestic. In case inquiring minds want to know. 

The City of Streator funded the competition with $350,000. In TIF funds and $100,000. Revolving loan fund. (These are no longer available).This was done under City Manager Scott Wrighton who told me there are no TIF funds available for the Majestic even though it is in a TIF district. I met last year with the new city manager David Plyman who told me that the downtown Streator TIF was supporting the Northpoint Streator TIF. That the deal Scot Wrighton made cash strapped the City of Streator. 

I had hoped for a tourism grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce to help with the restoration, Covid 19 killed that. 

This is not an easy project to fund. Please reach out to me if you want to help. I have created some products to sell from the Majesticshows web site. Please feel free to visit and share.

Thank you,


Majestic Blog 

I have never done a blog before so welcome to my blog.  Please excuse my learning curve. This will be my attempt to keep you updated on the progress we make on bringing the Majestic Theatre back to life.  I fell in love with the theatre and the community it brings together. 

Bring the Majestic back to life!

Proceeds from the sale of our product line go to support historic restoration efforts for the Majestic. The Majestic hosted performances by several well-known stars, such as Groucho Marx, Jack Benny, Ed Wynn, Eddie Cantor, Sophie Tucker and Eva Tanguay. Your contribution will help us bring the Majestic lights back on.

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Water Color Painting of

Majestic Theatre

by local artist Carol Halm

(May 2020)

Prints, Posters, products are now available to support the restoration efforts of the Majestic Theatre.

Carol Halm was born, raised and still lives in a quaint town called Ottawa in Illinois.  She has worked in watercolors for over 45 years and has spent 25 years in colored pencil.  She has worked on many commissions as well as licensing. She attended at Illinois Valley Community College and has spent countless hours perfecting her craft.  She works in various styles such from realism to whimsical and had completed several projects for companies such as Current, Dayspring and PCCrafter.  Three dimensional works, murals, kitchen products and clothing have also been among her accomplishments. Besides spending time with her daughter and her family, she loves spending her time creating.   

Groucho played the Majestic as a vaudeville act.

You may remember Gonzales Gonzales from John Wayne movies.  He provided comedy in Rio Bravo, Hellfighters, and other John Wayne flicks.

Here is where he got his start as an actor when he appeared as a contestant on 'You Bet Your Life'. Groucho Marx takes advantage of the situation based upon the audience laughter.

John Wayne saw the show and put Gonzales in his movies. 

Please click the link below:

Gonzales Gonzales Marx

I own two historic theater The Majestic Theater in Streator IL and the Will Rogers Theater in Charleston IL.  Both are in dire need of restoration.  Estimated costs are a million dollars each.  The Majestic hosted performances by several well-known stars, such as Groucho Marx, Jack Benny, Ed Wynn, Eddie Cantor, Sophie Tucker and Eva Tanguay.  The Will Rogers is on the National Historic Register.

I am seeking funding for both projects.

My business plan calls for working with the non profit organization Here and Again Inc., an organization dedicated to promoting the arts and entertainment industry as a way to educate and create employment in the entertainment industry. 

My Corporation, Summer House Entertainment Inc will operate the theater as a for profit.  We will attract clients from a 50 plus mile radius of each venue hosting live National Acts opened by local artists who perform in a Here and Again Inc program called Song + Story.   We will also be able to host film festivals and local events as well as first run movies.

The National acts that play the theaters are an economic boom to the communities.  Patrons who attend events will often spend the night (or two) at local hotels, buy gas, and eat in restaurants.  

Raising the quality of life with a vibrant theater attracts employers who want their employees to be happy in the communities in which they live.  This is classic economic development.

Mixing Song + Story participants with National Entertainers gives local up and coming talent the opportunity to network with entertainers who have been successful, giving them more opportunity for success in the entertainment industry.

I am hopeful you see the benefits that I am proposing and help me find a way to fund the projects.  

The Majestic is in an Opportunity Zone 17099964300, TIF and Enterprise Zone and the Will Rogers is also in an Opportunity zone track 17029000500, TIF and Enterprise Zone.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  I will look forward to hearing any suggestions or opportunities you may have to offer.

I may be reached at

Katie Troccoli  katiet1@sbcglobal.net of call or text 815-228-2058


Wells Fargo Article Explaining Opportunity Zones

On December 19, 2018 I, with my development team, met with the City Manager of Streator Scot Wrighton.  I was told the City of Streator had no Tax Increment Funds to help re develop the Majestic Theatre.  

On November 13, 2019 I met with the new City Manager of Streator, IL David Plyman.  I was told by Mr. Plyman that the prior City Manager Scot Wrighton had entered into the re development Tax Increment Financing agreement with Beautiful City LLC (Eagle 6) and the Northpoint Development that has cash strapped the City of Streator.  The City of Streator is having a difficult time meeting their financial obligations.  That the downtown TIF (which the Majestic Theatre is in) is supporting the Northpoint TIF.  I was told the City of Streator borrowed money to develop the Northpoint TIF.  Once again, I was told the City has no Tax Increment Financing funds to help with the re development of the Majestic Theatre located in the Downtown Streator TIF. 

TIF Agreement for Eagle 6

Streator Business Development Agreement



The impact and importance of the performing arts on the cultural and economic life of American cities has been felt since the very first theater and vaudeville houses sprung up on Main Streets throughout the country." ”

Michael R. Schnoering

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