On December 19, 2018 I, with my development team, met with the City Manager of Streator Scot Wrighton.  I was told the City of Streator had no Tax Increment Funds to help re develop the Majestic Theatre.  

On November 13, 2019 I met with the new City Manager of Streator, IL David Plyman.  I was told by Mr. Plyman that the prior City Manager Scot Wrighton had entered into the re development Tax Increment Financing agreement with Beautiful City LLC (Eagle 6) and the Northpoint Development that has cash strapped the City of Streator.  The City of Streator is having a difficult time meeting their financial obligations.  That the downtown TIF (which the Majestic Theatre is in) is supporting the Northpoint TIF.  I was told the City of Streator borrowed money to develop the Northpoint TIF.  Once again, I was told the City has no Tax Increment Financing funds to help with the re development of the Majestic Theatre located in the Downtown Streator TIF. 

TIF Agreement for Eagle 6

Streator Business Development Agreement



The impact and importance of the performing arts on the cultural and economic life of American cities has been felt since the very first theater and vaudeville houses sprung up on Main Streets throughout the country." ”

Michael R. Schnoering

Starts Wednesday

Starts Wednesday: A Day in the Life of a Movie Palace recalls 1976, the year I spent with my husband and a group of similarly-misguided friends, trying to save the St. George Theater, a classic 2672-seat movie palace in New York City’s most neglected borough, Staten Island.

By Victoria Hallerman

Beautiful wedding in the Majestic Auditorium

Beautiful wedding in the Majestic Auditorium

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