Boppin With Beth on WRWO 94.5 FM November 19, 2021


American Outlaw Country singer-songwriter Cody Jinks is our "focus beam" artist this week. We hear from artists that have influenced not only his country sound but also his thrash metal side as well including Merle Haggard, Pantera, The…

Majestic Black & White Post Card

4 x 6 Majestic Watercolor Vintage Black & White Post Card pack of 10 cards 
Majestic Street Scene watercolor created by local Ottawa Artist Carol Halm 
Proceeds go to the restoration of the Majestic Theatre. 

Proceeds of the…

Des Plaines Theatre


Ron Onesti speaks to the gathered dignitaries Thursday during a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the renovated Des Plaines Theatre. 

Closed to the public for more than seven years, the historic Des Plaines Theatre will be hopping with live…

Dead Air with Cory Daniels on WRWO 94.5 FM - 10 08 2021

We pay tribute to George Frayne, a.k.a. Commander Cody, alt-country pioneer, who joins the great jam in the sky. Not only was he the frontman for The Lost Planet Airmen but he was Jerry Garcia's neighbor. The Grateful Dead's…

Big Brother and the Holding Company

Do you remember when Big Brother played the Majestic?

It would be so cool to bring them back for a show.

Leader Peter Albin, a country-blues guitarist who had played with future Grateful Dead founders Jerry Garcia and…

Grant applied for. Hoping to move the project forward.




While it may look like nothing is happening to move the Majestic project forward, what you need to understand is that the project is very expensive and it can't get done without help.

We are constantly…

Artist Appeal

Summer House Entertainment Inc. 

Katie Troccoli, President 

1911 Champlain St 

Ottawa, IL 61350 

815-228-2058 Cell 

I own two historic theater, (Long Story how I got here) The Majestic Theater in Streator IL, and the…

Briefcase Blues Endorsment


I can't do this project alone.

I ask the Universe for help and good will.

I am on a mission to restore the Majestic in Streator IL & Will Rogers Theatre in Charleston IL to live entertainment…