Mr Fine Wine Visits Majestic

Matt Weingarden aka Mr. Fine Wine visits Streator and the Majestic Theatre. 

Matt has pledged to do what he can to help raise the funds needed to restore the Majestic to her former glory.

Thank you Matt for…

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Majestic HOPE


Majestic Theatre

12 23 2020

Hope for new funding opportunities to save this building.


Links to available art.  Proceeds go to fund restoration.


Snow on the Majestic

I have been trying to raise the money to restore the Majestic. In case inquiring minds want to know. 

The City of Streator funded the competition with $350,000. In TIF funds and $100,000. Revolving loan fund. (These are…

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Majestic Blog

I have never done a blog before so welcome to my blog.  Please excuse my learning curve. This will be my attempt to keep you updated on the progress we make on bringing the Majestic Theatre back to life.  I…

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